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The California Inland Empire Council is dedicated to the safety of our leaders, Scouts, and their families. Our Council leadership remains vigilant in monitoring state and county safety conditions. We will continue to work alongside our local health officials to determine the most appropriate response to the conditions at hand and for a safe return to all in-person Scouting. 

Any youth or adult displaying signs or symptoms of the COVID-19 virus must not participate with any in-person Den/Patrol meeting. 

At this time, in-person Den/Patrol meetings of groups of 14 or less (two deep leadership and BSA youth protection requirements still apply), are permitted in an outdoor setting or in large rooms with the windows open, following all the guidelines established on the “Return to Scouting” documents found on the Council website Overnight camping is not permitted at this time. 

Supervising adults (registered Scout leader) should be assigned and must work solely with that Den/Patrol. Avoid changing assignments to the extent practicable. Substitute leaders who are covering for short‐term Scout leader absences are allowed but must only work with one Den/Patrol of Scouts per day. 

• Prevent interactions between Dens/Patrols, including interactions between Adult leaders assigned to different Dens/Patrols. 

• Avoid moving youth & adults from one Den/Patrol to another. 

• All youth & adults must be kept separate from one another for activities (maintain social distancing). 

• Stagger time and other activities so that no two dens/patrols are in the same place at the same time. 

• Youth and supervising adult leaders for a Den/Patrol must not physically interact with youth and adults in other Dens/Patrols. 

Physical distancing, in combination with the use of face coverings, decreases the risk of COVID‐19 from respiratory droplets. Physical distancing between adults must be maintained as much as possible, and adults and youth must always use face coverings, pursuant to the CDPH Guidance regarding face coverings. Physical distancing between young children in the same Den/Patrol should be maintained. A unit meeting roster is still required for every meeting. 

As we prepare for the full return of in-person Scouting, it is important that everyone continue to operate in accordance with all restrictions outlined by the State of California and the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino Health Departments. Follow the “5 Steps to Restart Scouting” and always practice social distancing. Physical contact is not permitted, and proper PPE must be used as directed by the State of California and the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino Health Departments.